24x36 $895.00 printed on canvas.

30x40 $995.00 printed on canvas.

40x50 $1095.00 printed on canvas.


This image is original and exclusive: it will not be reproduced anymore-just one impression.

If you acquire it, you will receive a certificate of authenticity and exclusivity.

This is a great opportunity for art collectors.

These are the prices for photographs printed on canvas. We also have acrylic photograph prints and metal prints. If you need a quote for different costs and mediums, please do not hesitate to contact us:





The way you see this photo is the same way that my camera caught it.

I did some editing work to it, but this editing work has been minor.


The editing process did not include merging, combining, mixing, or blending images.


I have developed a distorting reality method that shows you what is really behind or inside one scene.


"What you see is not what it is, and what it is, is not what you see."


  • This collection of 12 pieces is divided into four series of 3. I have created it to honor the memory of my earthly father. My work without his influence could not be: the memories, anecdotes, stories, memories, feelings, and illusions that I have of his figure have been the cornerstone of who I am and what my artistic work is in all its manifestations, its different facets, and nuances.

    My old man, Carlos Alberto Brador Guerrero was a native of La Romana, Dominican Republic; he became a commercial pilot secretly from his parents. He studied here in this city; he killed himself there. Here I write these lines to dedicate this work